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Pics of michael jordan kids. Michael Jordan’s Kids, Sons, Daughters And Family

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Michael Jordan | people in | Celebrity babies, Young celebrities, Celebrity kids

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To any basketball fan with a brain between their ears, Michael Jordan is the best player of all-time. Whether there were cheating rumors, arrests, marital troubles, or a combination of them all, the Jordan family endured it, through thick and thin. Today at TheSportster, we will dive into several embarrassing moments that "Air Jordan," and the rest of his family, have braved in the public eye. Just a friendly reminder before we begin for all you haters, we aren't here to throw Jordan and any of his family under the bus. They are outstanding individuals, who have groan a billion dollar empire in the face of several adversities. There is no dirty laundry here, as this information is already plastered across the internet. Some require proper context to understand so be sure to read on.