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Laura San Giacomo of Just Shoot Me fame lying outside next to a fire and having her shirt opened by a guy to reveal her large breasts in a white bra and then having her breasts jiggle a lot as she struggles against the guy while he turns into different demons and has sex with her. Laura San Giacomo sitting on the edge of a wall while wearing a purple dress giving us a look up it at her white panties as she talks with a guy. Laura San Giacomo standing on a ladder in a stock room as a guy approaches her from behind, running his hand up her skirt. She then turns around and wraps her legs around him as they begin to have sex on the ladder. Laura San Giacomo trying out various bathing suits in front of a mirror, switching from a one-piece to a two-piece that shows lots of cleavage as she bends over and looks at herself. She then switches back to another one-piece. Laura San Giacomo first kneeling in a white bra that is somewhat see-through, showing some great cleavage as a guy buries his face between her breasts.