U made me happy quotes. 50+ You Make Me Happy Quotes, Happy With Someone You Love

U made me happy quotes. You Make Me Happy Quotes, You Make Me Smile

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25 You Make Me Happy Quotes | Quotes | Happy quotes, Make me happy quotes, You make me happy quotes

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Dedicate this to the people who have been there for you all the time, the good times and the tough ones, the one when you were so depressed and the ones when you were so happy. This is for those people who have always tried to make you happy, tried to keep a smile on your face. This is for them because they deserve to be acknowledge, they deserve to at least be known, be thanked for and not be taken for granted. If you have someone that can make you happy when you least expect yourself to smile, that person is special and never let that person get out of your life. Here are unique you make me smile quotes to let him or her know how much you appreciate every thought. Smiling is an act of love, it is something that you give to a person and it is quite beautiful, girl. If I will ever smile in this lifetime, I promised myself that you are the person I will give it to.