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He was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver Saturday noon. Once there was a girl Not that far away Who loved and laughed And danced and played Then one day While she was talking with her friends She made a mistake That would haunt her till it's ends They called her lovely and dazzling They called her perfect and stunning Thinking it would do none harm She sent it over, right into their arms A year went by Along with everyday life Then one day a message came He threatened to expose her To everyone that knows her But she ignored the menace On Christmas Break Came a knock on the door He had sent her photo everywhere To all, what she had ever dared Her friends had shunned her She became the loner Addicted to drugs She slowly sunk down Another new school came and went But still the picture was sent and sent Depressed and alone She needed someone But no one came or cared Weather she lived or breathed The air So she used pain as an escape Tried to drape her pain In bleach The mystery man Still unknown to her Had created a page to Drive all who she had left, away Alone and depressed Stressed and done crying She finally did what everyone said she should She took her own life. All she needed was someone there Someone to care Her name was Amanda Todd This was her never ending story This was her life.