Beauty and the beast rose images. Beauty And The Beast Quotes With Images, Lovely Rose Pictures

Beauty and the beast rose images. Beauty Beast Stock Images

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There's A Real-Life 'Beauty And The Beast' Rose That Lives For A Year

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If you've seen "Beauty And The Beast," you were probably captivated by the magic of the enchanted rose that, in the movie, bloomed for 21 years in a glass dome. Well, now you can own one in real life. Don't worry, you won't be cursed or anything if it dies. The arrangement comes with a high-quality glass dome and a complimentary gift card. And even if you love the classic red rose, you also have the option of getting a white, rainbow or metallic-colored flower. If I had one, I would probably just break out into song at any given moment so it's probably in everyone's best interest that I don't By Talia Koren.