Images of puckering in breast cancer. Breast cancer in images

Images of puckering in breast cancer. What's to know about breast cancer dimpling

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Mother shares breast picture of dimples that were the only sign she had cancer | Metro News

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A mother has shared a photograph online of dimples in her breast which she says were the only sign she had breast cancer. Sherrie Rhodes shared the picture to raise awareness of the symptoms. She found two dimples which were unlike the lumps usually associated with breast cancer. She went to her GP who referred her to the breast clinic and, on Monday Sherrie was given the devastating diagnosis. Sherrie shared a picture of the dimples on her breast with a message encouraging women to check for all abnormalities on their breasts — not just lumps. Since sharing her post, Mrs Rhodes has been inundated with messages of support to praise her for helping others. The NHS says that while 90 per cent of breast lumps are not cancerous, it is always advisable to have them checked by a doctor.