Infected navel piercing images. 5 Belly Button Infections You Can Get (and What to Do If You Have One) | SELF

Infected navel piercing images. Infected Belly Button Piercings – Symptoms & Treatments

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5 Belly Button Infections You Can Get (and What to Do If You Have One) | SELF

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Sometimes, a belly button piercing that is healing without any complications can still look pretty bad, especially in the first few days and weeks, so don't begin to worry too soon. In this article we'll go through and explain all the warning signs and symptoms to help ensure your new piercing heals as best as it possibly can without a hitch, and we'll also walk you through what to do in the event of an infection setting in. In the days and even weeks following a belly button piercing, the piercing site is an open wound. All it takes is for germs and bacteria to make their way into the skin before enough healing has taken place to protect the skin. The infections cause death and damage to the tissue around the piercing. Sometimes people might suspect they have an infection, but they wait a few days just to make sure before spending the money to go to the doctor. A lot of skin damage can take place during that time.